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January 04, 2007



A friend told us about those a couple of months ago. I guess some of the big name female porn stars are selling er... sound clips of themselves as ring tones.

Hubby joked about downloading one and having me call him in the middle of a meeting.


Amused -- I betcha he's gay but not yet willing to come to terms with it.


Oh, and I like the new look.


Aha, ringtones! I don't suppose I should be surprised. Yick! But that would be incredibly funny in the middle of a board meeting ... in fact, it gives me a great idea for an April fools prank for my friend's stuffy boys-club law office.

Definitely amused - the look on his face when I turned around was priceless. Obviously he doesn't just tailgate women to compensate for his small penis.

And thanks! I still need to upgrade to I can do more cool things, but I think the green is quite soothing.

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